JOHNSON ASOCIADOS S.A.S. is a firm that was created to meet the needs of individuals and businesses, offering a wide range of solutions and benefits in the areas of auditing, statutory auditing, legal advice, tax and accounting that go far beyond a brand because we always apply confidentiality, consistency, loyalty and independence, which are our corporate values.


Our commitment to continuity and determination with which we work towards it, in addition to our continuous updating and implementation of international quality standards has enabled us to advise with confidence, those who we deliver a full, highly professional service.


We handle every requirement of our customers personally and directly, which gives us the ability to anticipate, identify and reduce potential risks before they arise.



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LEER MAS Mission


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LEER MAS Vision 2020

Vision 2020

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LEER MAS Corporate values

Corporate values

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LEER MAS Services we offers

Services we offers

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